1st Class Notes of Acting

So things have been kickin in class. Started the first session with a  30 second monologue reciting the infamous Bruce Lee's philosophy of pointing a way to the moon, and be like water my friend. And on the whim found a class mate to do a cold read from Good Will Hunting.

The scenes in the film written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, directed by Gus Van Sant is a classic and showcases the brilliance of the collaboration. So as I study acting, I know it will be crucial to study scripts and actors who have succeeded in the film world.

Jesse Vint has been a excellent teacher in getting us to "internalize" what we are doing in class. 1st week was nice just getting our toes wet and testing the nerves. It's kind of a challenge to get some scenes with an advance actor in class, but I am making the connections to do so.

In Jesse's book, The Film Actors Handbook, he suggest us to write down our notes to study them for our scenes and type it down as wisely as we see suiting. So I have decided to keep a blog of the progress of acting.

Here's the format practically of the class:

1) 30 second monologues.
2) Sign up to showcase the scenes you and your partner will perform.
3) Get feedback, take notes, study and practice scenes with partners.

After that, we go and and have a ball and the Radio Room to talk and discuss and interact.

As I engage in the adventure of acting here is what I have to be mindful of:

* Crystal clear to the core
* Concept needs heart and soul
* Tripwire to detonate a explosion
* Back and forward flow
* Be aware of misuse of skill
* Try hard, not too hard.
* Involuntary = Subconscious

What I truly enjoy about Jesse's class is his openness and flexibility to allow us to grow in our understanding. Things as from suggesting us to try accents in our monologues, despite us not being from that area of the world, Jesse mentioned who knows they may need a actor to portray such dynamics. Also we are allowed to write our own scenes, which I think will be a great creative opportunity.


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