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2nd Class Notes on Acting

What a 2nd session in class. We had a special guest and it was Daniel Baldwin. It was a thrill to perform a 30 second monologue in front of him. Of course it was a little more scary than not, because I am not well rehearsed at any material I am doing, hence I am taking class to learn the art of acting.

Nonetheless I did a monologue scene from "Good Will Hunting", where I know I brought a connection to it to some level of "internalization." The nerves did get to me, and I think as I study more and learn to be that person as real as I can be, as real as the character is, it will come across more natural.
Pacing myself through the many lessons and doing the activities will surely pay off, I imagine.
It was real neat to know that Daniel Baldwin did comedy standup as he first started. He answered my question about is it okay to do comedy as well as acting at the same time? His experience shared, that some actors will go to set and want to be called by their characters …

1st Class Notes of Acting

So things have been kickin in class. Started the first session with a  30 second monologue reciting the infamous Bruce Lee's philosophy of pointing a way to the moon, and be like water my friend. And on the whim found a class mate to do a cold read from Good Will Hunting.

The scenes in the film written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, directed by Gus Van Sant is a classic and showcases the brilliance of the collaboration. So as I study acting, I know it will be crucial to study scripts and actors who have succeeded in the film world.
Jesse Vint has been a excellent teacher in getting us to "internalize" what we are doing in class. 1st week was nice just getting our toes wet and testing the nerves. It's kind of a challenge to get some scenes with an advance actor in class, but I am making the connections to do so.
In Jesse's book, The Film Actors Handbook, he suggest us to write down our notes to study them for our scenes and type it down as wisely as we see suitin…

Jesse Vint Acting Coach

We meet at Starbucks on NW 23rd and Overton.
     What a terrific day getting some intense detailed history of Acting from a veteran of the industry, Jesse Vint. I recall learning of the history of Theater in college and Mr. Vint gave me the details of how it came to be through his knowledge.     It’s so cool to know someone who was connected to “The Group Theater” aka “Marxism” of theatre. Also really neat to know that the leaders of that movement started teaching acting as we know it today.     So we learned of the arrival of method acting which was formulated by Anton Checkov’s play “The Seagull” and the application of Stanislavsky technique of; subconscious, involuntary, organic acting.     We learned that the actor, Marlin Brando has exemplified this technique across the oceans and against the criticisms. Beyond that we learned what to expect in the acting process and to have a strong understanding of what it is to be an actor and the difference of a star.     If you never had an acti…